Sowing & Reaping


Being born on a farm I understand that if you don’t sow, you will not reap. That was our way of life! When I receive, I know to give…


Losing my brother meant I lost the ability to pay rising rent costs…I was advised to apply for rental assistance after receiving an eviction notice. I had enough to take care of that month plus some of the next. Which meant I only had to come of with half of the next month. 


I waited for my brother’s death certificate in order to receive the money to pay the third month…I never received it. Now what? I had some money saved, but not enough to last. I went to the leasing office to pay month three (thinking how I am going to pay the next month).


When I went in to pay the rent, I was told there was a $300+ credit on my account. I said, “Ok, then tell me what I owe after that’s deducted?” The manager said, “No, you’re not listening to me…I said you have a $300+ credit. That means you owe nothing for this month and have over $300 paid toward next month’s rent!”


This is why even with $10 or sometimes $20 payments for the notary work I do, I pay my tithe. I know what the word says! 


You can’t beat God giving! In order to reap a harvest, you must sow seeds!!!


~Mildred C.